CRC360 Dubai

Roeya Clinics
  • Alaa Abdelaziz
  • Alhassan Fahmy
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Visual Design


At Limelite, we are committed to creating effective and visually compelling design solutions for our clients. In 2018, we had the pleasure of working with Roeya Clinics, led by Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim, to create a visual identity for their CRC360 convention held in Dubai. This event was an exceptional opportunity for experts from around the world to gather and share knowledge on the latest developments in colon cancer research and treatment. Our team worked closely with Roeya Clinics to design a visual identity that accurately reflected the convention’s innovative spirit and educational focus. Starting with the creation of a captivating logo that encapsulated the essence of the event, we extended the visual identity to design a range of promotional items, such as flyers, presentations, and certificates of attendance. The result was a cohesive and engaging design that helped to promote the event and attract attendees from around the globe. We are honored to have collaborated with Roeya Clinics and Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim to contribute to the success of CRC360 and the advancement of colon cancer research and treatment.

From the Event