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Co-Founder & Managing Director

With his infectious enthusiasm and creative thinking, Amr led Limelite to great heights in the branding and communication industry.

Amr’s philosophy of finding the sweet-spot between art and science is reflected in his work, and he has a wealth of knowledge in marketing, branding, design, and even music. His versatility and passion allowed him to wear many hats throughout his career, leading him to his 6-year tenure as a managing director of a branding and communications firm.

During his time at Limelite, Amr was responsible for the business plan and its strategic implementation, as well as setting up the company’s processes and aligning its vision with its partners. He worked tirelessly to ensure that employees were all moving in the same strategic direction and that the company was achieving its mission.

Thanks to his leadership, Limelite’s sales increased by 120% between 2019 and 2020, and the company delivered over 150 successful projects to various clients in different sectors. Amr’s efforts also helped to shift the company’s specialization towards branding and communication, and Limelite was recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for its contributions to various projects.


Co-Founder & Creative Director

With a passion for all things design and a keen eye for detail, Alaa played an instrumental role in the growth and success of Limelite. His talent, creativity, and dedication were pivotal in delivering high-quality design solutions to clients across various industries.

As Creative Director, Alaa played an integral role in shaping the visual identity of Limelite and its clients. He worked closely with the team to ensure that each project was approached with creativity and originality, resulting in designs that were both beautiful and effective. His keen understanding of design principles and user experience helped to elevate the work produced by Limelite to the highest standards.

Despite the many challenges faced by the industry, Alaa remained committed to delivering innovative and high-quality design solutions. His unwavering passion for design and his willingness to go above and beyond to achieve the best results were evident in all aspects of his work.

He encouraged and inspired his team to explore new creative solutions, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible. His commitment to excellence, combined with his friendly and approachable nature, made him a valuable member of the Limelite team. Even after Limelite’s closure, Alaa remains a passionate advocate for design and creativity, inspiring others to pursue their passions and strive for excellence.


Dear Limelite Team,

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the time and dedication you all put into making Limelite the successful and innovative agency it was. Each and every one of you brought a unique skillset and personality to the table, making our team truly one of a kind.

Your creativity, passion, and hard work were the driving force behind our many successes and achievements. From winning awards to being recognized by key organizations, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We are incredibly proud of the culture and community we built together. It was an honor to work alongside such talented and inspiring individuals. Limelite may have closed its doors, but the memories, lessons learned, and relationships formed will always remain.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our journey. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope our paths cross again soon.

Sincerely, Amr and Alaa


(Alphabetical Order)

Abdelrahman Adel

Senior Graphic Designer

Alhassan Fahmy

Senior Graphic Designer

Ali Emara

Creative Director

Amr ElMansy


Dareen Ismail

Account Manager

Fatma Alkhayat

Graphic Designer

Gehad Hemidah

Senior Graphic Designer

Hania Ossama

Account Executive

Mahmoud El-Herfa

Account Director

Nada Dawood

Content Creator

Noura Abdelaziz

Junior Graphic Designer

Omar Abdelbaky

Creative Director

Omar El-Moghazy

Graphic Designer

Ramy El-Agamy

Operations Manager

Rana Ayman

Account Executive

Reham Sami

Digital Media Manager

Sara Samir

Senior Graphic Designer

Shaaban The Cat

Chief Office Meownager

Sherif El-Shaarawi

Graphic Designer

Soha Sameh

Senior Graphic Designer

Weam Emad

Creative Content Creator

Yasmine Medhat

Graphic Designer