• Sarah Samir
  • Amr Shalaby
  • Branding & Positioning


Limelite had the pleasure of working with Casereccio, an authentic Italian restaurant in Egypt that is known for its homemade-style dishes made with love. As a team, we helped Casereccio create a visual identity that reflected their values and passion for Italian cuisine. We designed a vintage-inspired logo that captured the essence of the restaurant’s homemade feel and used the slogan “Home of Italian Food” to further emphasize the restaurant’s dedication to authentic Italian cuisine.

Additionally, we worked on developing concepts for the restaurant’s promotional materials such as flyers and menus, which were aimed at highlighting the restaurant’s unique offerings and its commitment to providing its customers with a truly authentic Italian experience.

Our partnership with Casereccio, which was later named Casareccio, was a great opportunity to work with a team that shares our passion for authenticity and quality. It was a pleasure to contribute to the success of this family-run restaurant and to help bring their vision to life through our design expertise.