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Evolving the 70-Year-old Zikry Name

The Zikry name was established in 1948 by Dr. Sabry Zikry, the director of the EPS (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) at the time. In 1989, the Zikry brand was resurrected at the hands of Hatem Zikry, Dr. Sabry Zikry’s son, and has since grown into the well-known and deeply respected chain of pharmacies found all over Cairo.

Zikry Logo Sketch
Zikry Logo Sketch

Taking Zikry Pharmacies into the Limelite.

Limelite was entrusted with the honorable task of rebranding Zikry. After heavy market research, we developed Zikry’s new brand identity, which was coupled with plenty of hard work to convey the change both inside and out.

Zikry Logo Sketches
Zikry Old Logo Zikry New Logo
Zikry Logo Limelite
Zikry Logo Limelite

Purple Color

An intriguing spiritual color that is commonly associated with royalty and wealth. The color also represents wisdom and higher insight.

Light Blue Color

Blue is also a spiritual color; it is the color of the sky and the sea. It is linked with calmness and serenity. It is a relaxing color for the mind and the body.

The Mortar & Pestle

The mortar and pestle are commonly used symbols in the pharmaceutical sector. They have been used in different aspects of food and medicinal preparations for thousands of years. An Egyptian medical document, called the “Papyrus Ebers” contained the first documented record of the mortar and pestle from 1550 BC. We merged an abstract mortar and pestle with the letter “Z” from the pharmacy’s name and came up with this stunning end result.

Zikry Icon Limelite
Zikry Logo Limelite

Migration from Old to New.

Rebranding after years of operation is quite the hurdle. That is why we also developed an entire migration plan to ensure that the change goes smoothly without any misconceptions or confusion. As there were old branches that had the old identity and new ones with the new identity, we created a rebranding campaign called “تابع التغيير” which literally means “Follow the Change”, where we designed printables that merged both identities on one paper, presenting the old identity on one side and the new one on the other, so that people could associate the new identity with the old one, and continue to place their trust in the brand.

Corporate Identity

Zikry Motorcycle Limelite
Zikry Uniform Limelite
Zikry Van Limelite

Visual Communications