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Nigma Sketch Limelite
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A New Journey for the E-Sports Champions.

The 2017 International 7 Champions of Dota2 decided to run their own E-sports organization and team. The team approached Limelite to design a cool brand identity to standout in the e-sports gaming community; and so we did!

Limelite designed the team’s brand identity inspired by the challenging nature of the gaming industry. We also worked on their Dota2 in-game flags and banners.

Nigma Jersey Limelite
Nigma Jersery Limelite
Nigma Jersey Limelite
Nigma Jersey Limelite
Nigma Jersey Limelite

Logo Inspiration

Nigma Logo Concept

The inspiration behind the logo was merging 2 “N” letters to look like a warrior’s mask.

Nigma Mask Limelite

Team Launch

The team launched in November 2019 with a return that broke the e-sports gaming community. Limelite contributed in the team’s launch with a landing page website that contains the team members’ bio and previous achievements.

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Nigma Website Limelite

In-Game Assets

Nigma Dota 2 Limelite
Nigma Team Base Limelite Dota 2
Nigma Flag Dota 2 Limelite