Team Nigma

Team Nigma
  • Amr Shalaby
  • Alaa Abdelaziz
  • Gehad Hemidah
  • Brand Identity Design


In 2019, the champions of the 2017 International 7 Dota2 tournament established their own esports organization and team. The newly formed team, called Team Nigma, had a vision to create a strong brand identity that would make them stand out in the competitive gaming community. They approached Limelite, a creative agency specializing in brand identity, to help them achieve this goal.

Limelite worked closely with the team to develop a brand identity that reflected their bold and daring spirit, which was inspired by the challenging nature of the gaming industry. The resulting brand identity captured the essence and values of the team, and was showcased through a unique and memorable logo. Limelite also designed the team’s Dota2 in-game flags and banners, which further reinforced the brand identity and ensured consistency across all touchpoints.

The resulting brand identity was a testament to the team’s audaciousness and was showcased through a unique and memorable logo. This brand identity served as a foundation for the team’s continued success and growth in the esports industry. Eventually, the team rebranded to Nigma Galaxy, but the strong foundation created by Limelite’s design work continued to serve them well. Today, Nigma Galaxy is recognized as a formidable esports organization, with a talented team of players that continue to make their mark in the world of gaming.

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