Design Firm Associates

Design Firm Associates
  • Alaa Abdelaziz
  • Amr Shalaby
  • Sarah Samir
  • Aly Emara
  • Alhassan Fahmy
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Visual Design


Design Firm Associates (DFA) is an interior design and architecture firm that focuses on creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly designs. The firm prides itself on its ability to merge aesthetics with practicality, ensuring that each project not only looks beautiful but also functions efficiently. To help showcase their unique approach to design, DFA approached Limelite to develop a brand identity that reflected their values and ethos.

Working closely with DFA, Limelite created a visual identity that was not only visually appealing but also conveyed the company’s mission of sustainable and environmentally-friendly design. The resulting brand identity was a perfect representation of DFA’s commitment to sustainability, and was showcased through their website, portfolio, and other visual communications.

In addition to creating their visual identity, Limelite also helped DFA with their proposals for their clients. This included designing presentations and other marketing materials that effectively showcased the firm’s unique approach to design. As DFA’s marketing arm for some time, Limelite was able to establish a long-term relationship with the company and provide ongoing support for their marketing and communications needs.

Through their collaboration with Limelite, DFA was able to establish a brand identity that accurately represented their company’s values and mission, and effectively communicate their approach to sustainable and environmentally-friendly design to potential clients.

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